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Motor News

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Motor Insurance:

If you have a previous motor conviction, insurance claim or non standard vehicle, reasonable insurance can be hard to come by.
That’s where we at can help.  Some of the area’s we specialise in include: 
  • Insurance for motorists with motoring or non motoring convictions (we can allow your no
    claim bonus up to 4 years after expiry).
  • Cover for difficult to place occupations.
  • Quotations for clients with previous claims (we can reinstate your no claim bonus under
    certain circumstances).
  • Cover for modified, imported or high value vehicles.
  • Options for hard to place business such as motor trade or fleet cover.
  • Commercial vehicle cover options.
  • Direct debit available in most cases.


When so called ‘standard’ insurer’s have wasted your time, contact us on 0818 919699 or fill out our online quotation form above for a quotation today.


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