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Non Standard Insurance

Thank you for visiting Ireland’s first Non-standard insurance website. At, we acknowledge that not everyone fits the standard model of most insurance companies.

Most insurers are happy to quote if you are a ‘standard’ risk, but what if you are a driver who has motoring convictions, a fault insurance claim, been refused or declined insurance, a non standard vehicle or own an unoccupied property? Most standard insurer’s will refuse to quote, but at we will do our very best to source cover for you at a reasonable cost.

Some area’s where we have recently helped customers:


  • A motorist in Dublin with a drink driving conviction.
  • A young driver, looking for first time insurance.
  • A client refused a renewal premium by her motor insurer.
  • A client in Laois that owns an unoccupied property.
  • A family in Kerry that own a thatched house.
  • A business in Dublin, unable to obtain liability cover.
  • An elderly lady with cancer looking to travel to the US (for travel cover).
  • A waste disposal contractor looking for motor insurance.
  • A client renovating a new property.


Whatever the circumstances, we are here to help. Contact us on 0818 919699 or request a call back here and we’ll call you.

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