Posted 4th October, 2023

No no claim bonus? No problem!

If you don’t have a record of motor insurance, we can help.

There can be a lot of reasons you don’t have a driving history record.

Whether you have recently come to Ireland to work, have been driving under an open drive policy or simply been off the road for a number of years, there can be a number of reasons that you don’t have a driving record. This can be a major issue with a lot of insurers as they won’t offer insurance without an insurance record or as it is known in Ireland, a no claim bonus or driving experience letter.

What are the options for those without a driving record?

Depending on your circumstances it can be very difficult to get a quotation from a standard insurance company in those circumstances. Most standard insurers will look for a number years driving experience before they will offer cover. If you are unable to get any type of quotation, Insurance Ireland can help you to force a company to quote but whilst they may be able to help you find an insurer that will offer basic cover, the premium will probably be eye wateringly expensive.

Helping you when others won’t

At Non standard insurance, we have 20+ years experience of dealing with non standard risks. We deal with non standard insurance companies that are not available to the public directly, this together with our friendly professional team will help solve any insurance problem you have. Insurance for those without a previous record can be a minefield but we are here to guide you through and get the cover you need.

So if you or your car are unusual in any way, contact the experts on 0818919699 or fill in our contact form below.