Don’t wait for a claim to realise your home is non standard..

Posted 22nd October, 2014

Over the years we have taken details of clients looking for home insurance quotations and they have been surprised to learn that their homes are classed as non standard from an insurance point of view.

A common issue with most insurance providers is with flat roofs. Some insurers will class anything more that 20% flat roof of the total area as a non standard roof. If this hasn’t been specifically disclosed to them at the outset (and they may not have specifically asked the questions) they can (and will!) cancel your policy mid term and/or refuse a claim.

Another example of an issue would be with a business attached to a persons home. This is usually specifically excluded by standard insurers and can result in a policy being cancelled.

At we can insure home with 100% flat roof or properties that fall outside the often strict criteria of standard insurers. Contact us today if you feel your property may be non standard – don’t wait until your claim has been refused.