Getting alternative motor insurance after a claim

Posted 30th October, 2014

It is something we all dread, being involved in a motor accident that is our fault. The stress of dealing with insurers, repairers and garages and the thoughts of what your insurance is going to increase by, certainly doesn’t help.

But can you source an alternative quotation after a motor insurance claim?

The answer is nearly always yes! Your existing insurer may impose various conditions at renewal following an accident a claim, which may include:

  • Loss of some or all of your no claim bonus.
  • The inclusion of additional terms and conditions or excesses on your policy.
  • The applying of a claims loading on your policy.
  • In extreme situations, the cancelling and/or refusal of renewal terms

If this is the case with your policy or your premium has just increased, we at can help you in the following ways:

  • If your claim is under €10,000 and you had a full no claim bonus prior to the claim, we can reinstate your bonus back to a full bonus!
  • We can quote even if your claim isn’t finalised or if your insurer is refusing to give you a reserve figure for your claim.
  • We can quote if you have received a prosecution after claim or one is pending.

So don’t just renew with your existing insurer, contact us today to see how we can help!