Unoccupied premises insurance

Posted 28th November, 2014

Unoccupied house insurance

There are many reasons that you may have a need to insure an unoccupied property, such as:

  • A relative may have passed away and left a property behind.
  • You may have bought a property with the intention of renovating it.
  • You may have moved out of your property and have not yet decided what you are doing with it.
  • You own a commercial property and have yet to move in or do not have a tenant for it.

Whatever the reason, specialist insurance is needed – this is where we come in!

Unoccupied home insurance

Probably the easiest way to show how we deal with an unoccupied insurance policy is to give an example of a real client:

Mary Smith (not her real name but all other details are correct) contacted us to insure her property in Blackrock Co.Dublin. She had spent days contacting ‘standard’ insurers and none of them would quote her. Mary was starting to feel under pressure as she needed building insurance to secure her mortgage and the person she was buying the property from was becoming inpatient.

Luckily for Mary she contacted for a quotation. We were immediately able to secure a quotation for Fire, lightening and liability cover and within 30 minutes we emailed all the required documentation which meant Mary was now covered and could finalise the mortgage.

Unoccupied property insurance

So as well as (obviously!) contacting for a quotation, here are top 5 tips when looking to insure and unoccupied property:

  • Make sure to work out the correct rebuilding cost of your property as this can have a big influence on premium (we can help you with this).
  • Try and work out how long the property is going to be unoccupied for.
  • Make sure the property is secured properly and is regularly checked  by you or someone you can trust.
  • Ensure that water is drained from pipes (this is especially important in winter and may be a condition of your policy).
  • Think carefully about what cover you require. Is fire and liability cover sufficient or do you need additional cover such as storm cover?

So contact us today on 0818919699 for an unoccupied insurance quote today or visit our unoccupied page to submit your details.