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No no claim bonus? No problem..

No no-claim bonus? No problem..

There can be a number of reasons that you can find yourself without a no claim bonus for your motor insurance policy, such as:

  • You have been outside of the country for a number of years and don’t have any proof of driving.
  • You may have had a recent insurance claim or have a claim that is outstanding.
  • You may need a second car in the family and don’t have a no claim bonus built up on it.
  • You may have been driving under a company scheme and don’t have your own no claim bonus built up.
  • You may have had a driving conviction and are only recently going back on the road.


Why does not having a no claim bonus make it so difficult to get insurance cover?

Most standard insurers will require you to have a minimum of 2 years no claim bonus before quoting, if you don’t have this it can be very difficult to obtain a quotation in the Irish motor insurance market.

This can be even more difficult for someone that has been off the road for a motoring conviction. The issue most people have when looking for insurance following a motor insurance conviction is that most insurers will only allow a no claim bonus for up to 2 years after expiry, after that you are back to square one. This is where our unique motor scheme comes in to play. We can allow a no claim bonus up to four years after expiry, which will make a massive difference to the premium.

Will the premium be very expensive if I don’t have a no claim bonus?

Obviously those looking for insurance following a drink driving conviction or similar can expect to pay elevated premiums initially as will those without a no claim bonus, but we can help to eventually ‘normalise’ your premium in due course, some of the ways we can help those without a no claim bonus include:

  • Some of our non standard insurers will quote without a no claim bonus and help you build your bonus in the years ahead.
  • Options such as a higher policy excess and direct debit can help reduce and spread the cost.
  • At every renewal date we will shop around (both standard and non standard insurers) for you to help secure the best deal on the available market.
  • We can help reinstate a no claim bonus if you have had one in the past, but have been off the road for more than 2 years (subject to company acceptance)

So if you don’t have a no claim bonus and need insurance cover, don’t waste your time with other insurers. Contact the experts on 0818919699 for a quotation today or visit our motor insurance page  for more details