Posted 10th January, 2017

Insurance for convicted drivers

Insurance for convicted drivers

Everyone makes mistakes. Whilst drink driving should never be condoned, what happens after you have served your time, changed your ways and wish to get insurance?

  • Generally your existing insurer will not quote after a conviction.
  • You can force your existing insurer to quote (which they are obiliged to do, if you follow certain procedures) but expect basic cover and a massive premium if they do.
  • If  you can get someone to quote, chances are they will not allow your previous no claim bonus as it will have expired more than 2 years.
  • Expect very high premiums for a long time whilst the insurer punishes you for having a conviction and no no claim bonus.

There is an easier (and far cheaper!) way then the above however. By contacting nonstandard, we will help you obtained quotes from our non standard insurers, who will often accept your conviction and reinstate your no claim bonus up to four years after your policy has expired.

Why does reinstating my bonus matter so much?

We often find we have a number of options for convicted drivers, but what makes a massive difference to the premium is whether we can get your no claims bonus reinstated or not. If you think back how expensive your insurance was when you started out and how long it took for the premium to come down to a normal level, you can see how much a full NCB means to the cost of your insurance

The issue most people have when looking for insurance following a motor insurance conviction is that most insurers will only allow a no claim bonus for up to 2 years after expiry, after that you are back to square one. This is where our unique motor scheme comes in to play. We can allow a no claim bonus up to four years after expiry, which will make a massive difference to the premium.

Will I have to pay an increased premium forever?

Obviously those looking for insurance following a drink driving conviction or similar can expect to pay elevated premiums initially, but we can help to eventually ‘normalise’ your premium in the following ways:

  • By having your no claim bonus reinstated, you are immediatley in a better position at renewal time and more insurers will be available to you.
  • At every renewal date we will shop around (both standard and non standard insurers) for you to help secure the best deal on the available market.
  • We (in most cases) can offer direct debit facilities to balance out the cost of insurance.

If you have had a previous conviction of any kind and need insurance cover, don’t waste your time with other insurers. Contact the experts on 0818919699 for a quotation today or vist our convicted drivers motor insurance page for further details..