Posted 22nd June, 2020

Discounted Non Standard commercial vehicle insurance

What makes a commercial vehicle non standard and how can I insure it?

Most insurance companies like risks to be straight forward so they can easily rate it. So they are happy to quote a carpenter (for example) with a small van with his own goods inside and who has a lot of claims free driving experience. A lot of commercial vehicle risks, however, fall outside what companies deem to be ‘standard’ and is not just those with van drivers with convictions that can find it difficult to obtain motor insurance. You may have a modified commercial vehicle (left hand drive, having racking systems in the back, having a catering vehicle for example) or you could have a number of insurance claims, or you may have an occupation the insurance companies don’t like (Insurers are very strict on occupations when it comes to commercial vehicles) or had a policy cancelled by an insurer or decided you will be using the vehicle for deliveries etc.

Here are some examples of non standard commercial vehicle clients we have recently helped:

  1. Private occupation, but commercial vehicle: Our client had a private occupation (factory worker) but wanted to insure a small commercial vehicle for his own use. The standard insurers did not want to quote, but we successfully organised cover for him.
  2. Insuring a second vehicle without a no claim bonus: Our client had a full no claim bonus on his private car, but didn’t have a no claim bonus on his commercial vehicle and did not want to cancel his private car. We were able to get his commercial vehicle insured with a ‘mirrored’ no claim bonus from his private vehicle.
  3. Client with previous conviction: This client had a previous drink driving conviction and was unable to secure cover on the standard market. We obtained a quotation and were able to offer him direct debit in order to spread the cost.
  4. Catering vehicle: We were able to secure motor insurance for this client who had a mobile coffee van, we also obtained separate liability cover that she needed.
  5. Food ingredient delivery van:. This client had a private car but no no claim bonus on a commercial vehicle, the risk was complicated further as he had a previous claim and also was going to use the vehicle  to deliver food ingredients to retail units. We were able to secure comprehensive open driving insurance for him.
  6. Waste recovery business: The client is collecting domestic waste and required cover to comply with local council insurance conditions.

We currently are offering a 15% discount on all non standard (as at June 2020) commercial vehicle insurance. So contact us today for a quotation.

So whatever your commercial vehicle scenario, we will be able to help you, contact our motor dept today on 0818919699 or fill in the contact form below and we will do all we can to get you on the road.