Posted 23rd October, 2022

Non standard car insurance – a different approach.

Different insurance for different risks.

There are many ways in which you could fall outside of our normal quote categories, so we have created a non standard car insurance range to accommodate all types of varying risks and budgets. We understand that these can be difficult markets to get quotes for and provide a range of cover options, from those convicted of driving offence through to high value vehicles, we can help.

Specialist market

We offer specialist car insurance for drivers with non standard needs. If you have a non standard insurance need, we can help. We offer insurance policies for people who have suffered from accidents, have had their license suspended or revoked, are under the influence of alcohol, are learning to drive, have committed a traffic violation or have taken advantage of our services in the past. We created this package for people who want real coverage at more affordable rates.

Helping you when others won’t

Non standard insurance offers motor policies for people with a high risk profile. We go beyond the standard car insurance to offer you bespoke cover. Protect both you and your vehicle.


So if you or your car are unusual in any way, contact the experts on 0818919699 or fill in our contact form below.