Posted 7th October, 2022

Non standard property insurance? We can help.

Hard to place property insurance.

If your home or property insurance is hard to place, we have the solution. If you have an older home, unoccupied property, high value house or have previous claims we can help.


We have access to specialist markets

We are an independent insurance brokers and we can help you find non standard or home insurance for a variety of non standard properties. If you have an older home, unoccupied property or have a large value house we have the specialist knowledge to find you competitive cover for non standard properties.


Specialist insurance knowledge

We can help get you the right non standard home or property insurance. Often non standard properties are older homes, unoccupied properties, high value houses with previous claims or they would like to transfer their current policy to another provider. We have experience with all of these and are sure to get that you receive the correct homeowner’s insurance policy for your needs at competitive rates. As well as finding the best policy on the available market, we will advise you on the correct cover.


Friendly, efficient service.

As specialists in non standard home insurance, we believe that all people deserve a fair price for their property. We offer a service which provides the most competitive prices and a personal approach to every enquiry through our knowledgeable and friendly advisers.


So if your property is in anyway non standard, please complete the contact form below contact us on 0818919699